What You Should Know About the Facial Care Market – 3 Key Substances to Keep Away From Your Face

If you are reading this, I will bet you already know something about the facial care market.  Like me, you might have tried a few (or more) products, and while some provide good results others fail to deliver on their promises.

It is true, the facial care market is a highly lucrative industry that generates millions of dollars each year.  Consumers are flocking to facial skin care products like never before, eager to find the best solutions to things like under eye circles, puffy eye bags, and crow’s feet.

But what if I told you that many of the ingredients in these products do not help your skin?  Unfortunately, it is true. While many of the ingredients manufacturers tout on the fronts of their bottles might be great for skin, there are often a lot of additives in these products on the facial care market which harm skin and could potentially make you sick.

What are these additives?  Here is a list:

1.  Fragrances – Sure you would like to smell good, but do you really need sweet smells on every square inch of your body?  Most manufacturers in the facial care market think you do.  But creating these smells in facial creams involves adding chemicals which irritate skin, negating the reason why you apply the product in the first place.  If you want to smell good, wear perfume or cologne and stay away from fragrances in skin products. 

2.  Mineral Oils – Believe it or not, mineral oils are produced from petroleum sources, the same place we get gasoline that powers our cars.  Mineral oils clog up our skin’s pores, particularly on the face, causing spots to form.  It is amazing how many facial creams contain mineral oils.  The latest studies link mineral oils to cancer.  Stay away from products containing mineral oils at all costs.

3.  Parabens – Parabens are often a preservative in plenty of skin products, allowing them to last longer without going bad.  Unfortunately, parabens, especially those in the facial care market have also been linked to cancer, influence estrogen levels, and accumulate in tissues.  Products containing parabens basically indicate a long shelf life, and are most likely to have a high number of unnatural substances. 

Since a great amount of the substances your skin absorbs eventually makes it to the blood stream, it is essential to both skin and overall health that skin products contain natural substances. 

Look for substances such as Cynergy TK which naturally stimulates the amount of collagen and elastin in skin.  Phytessence Wakame is another powerful natural substance–it contains a high amount of B vitamins and has 15 times more calcium than milk.  Moreover, Phytessence Wakame stops the degradation of the skin’s hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for “holding water” in skin to give it volume and elasticity.

Plenty of options exist in the facial care market.  Be sure to do your research and follow the tips above when buying that next facial product.  By avoiding many of the harmful substances mentioned here, and by exposing your skin to all natural ingredients, you will be doing your skin a significant favor, and will reap the results in the long run.

Can You Exercise For Just 30 Seconds and Lose Weight?

The thought of having to exercise on a regular basis in order to lose weight fills many people with dread. This can be one of the reasons why a person can slowly lose their motivation to exercise and come up with excuses as to why they cannot exercise.

“It’s too cold”

“It’s too hot”

“I don’t have the time”

“I’m not feeling well”

Now would you still come up with the same excuses if you knew that you would only have to exercise for thirty seconds?


When people are thinking about starting an exercise program of any description they very often start out with too big of a goal. They may say to themselves that they are going to exercise for thirty minutes, three days a week.

They then start out exercising and feel motivated but that motivation soon turns to dread especially when they tire and do not get that good feeling that others very often talk about. What can then happen is after a few days when they are meant to exercise again they come up with a list of reasons why they can’t do it. Does this sound familiar?

“I don’t want to over do it”

“I’m too tired”

“I’ll start again on Monday”

“I have a sore leg”

And being creatures of habit a pattern forms which can last for a lifetime. That is why this thirty second exercise plan is so effective.

Rather than having a big goal which at times may be difficult to follow through on because of commitments, you just have a much smaller which is easier to succeed at. This then builds your confidence and also helps to break many of those old habits of the past. You then become somebody who exercises on a regular basis as apposed to somebody who exercises and quits when the going gets tough.

At this point you are probably thinking that exercising for thirty seconds sounds fantastic but it’s not going to help me lose weight.

You are completely correct thinking that but what are the chances that after exercising for thirty seconds you just continue? Even if you did stop after just thirty seconds you can feel confident knowing that you still stuck to your goal of exercising on a regular basis.

One thing which is important is that you treat this plan just like you would if you were going to exercise for thirty minutes. Get your exercise kit on, put on your running shoes and then go and do it. So why don’t you make it your goal to exercise for just thirty seconds and discover just how easy it is to stick to this.

What Is the Fastest Weight Loss Diet

There are many fastest ways to lose your weight. Diet plays an important role in losing you weight. You will get plenty of information on internet about what is fastest weight lose diet. When choosing a low fat diet plan, you need to ensure taking a balanced as well as total diet. You need to set attainable weight loss as well as diet aims. Below we will discuss about fastest weight loss diet.

  1. You should commit to take four to six small meals as well as snacks everyday
  2. To succeed, you should also plan ahead by packing foods. Therefore, you must always have fresh and low fat foods around
  3. You should eat your foods gently.
  4. Make healthy food choices such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, low fat meats, skinless poultry and nonfat dairy products.
  5. Do not get too caught up on your diet. You can begin by counting calories.
  6. You should evade foods, which are high in calories as well as fats.
  7. You should also evade foods, which are high in sugars like candy bars, candy, pies and pastries.
  8. Make use of a variety of fruits as well as vegetables. You can begin by attempting to eat five complete vegetable as well as fruit servings each single day.
  9. You must eat five times a day. You can begin with breakfast. More you eat for breakfast, the less food you wish to eat at night. You should not skip your meal since; you will end up devouring everything in sight for the rest of the day. You do not require gobbling up five big meals, only three meals of a sensible size and two tasty still low calorie snacks.
  10. You should follow a healthy weight loss diet and eat sensibly so that body cannot crave for food. When you treat body right then it will not demand for more attention.
  11. You should include 4 to 5 oz of fish, turkey, four cups of veggies and chicken. These are generally frozen. No need to restrict salt intake in your diet if you like to salty foods.

Supplements consist primarily of:

Quick weight loss diet programs are online that you can refer to lose your weight fast. Weight loss diet programs are available online, which are particularly designed for a target weight loss of 10 to 17 Ibs every week. It will improve your attitudes as well as emotion due to cleansing systematic effects of diet weight loss program. The efficiency of weight loss diet plan is that food eaten burns many calories than they provide to your body in caloric value. This plan may be utilized as frequently as you like without any danger of difficulties. It is made for flushing your system of impurities as well as provides you feelings of well being. After 7 days, you will start to feel lighter as you will be lighter by 10 Ibs minimum. You will have plenty of energy and even an enhanced disposition.

Type 2 Diabetes – Lifestyle Intervention To Prevent Diabetes After Pregnancy

In February of 2018, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism reported on a trial of a lifestyle intervention that helped women who had a history of Gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related diabetes, prevent developing Type 2 diabetes down the track. Scientists at Helsinki University and various other research facilities in Finland found a group of women receiving a diet and physical activity intervention dramatically reduced their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

A total of 200 women with a history of Gestational diabetes in an earlier pregnancy or with a body mass index (BMI) of at least 30 kg/meter squared were divided into two groups…

  • one group received the intervention, while the other
  • team was given just the usual care.

Specially trained Finnish nurses provided counseling to the pregnant women during their…

  • first, second, and third three months of their pregnancy, and
  • 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months after the birth of their baby.

All the participants were advised on the Nordic diet plan and at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week…

  • the group of women receiving the intervention developed Type 2 diabetes at a rate of 2.7 percent, in contrast to
  • the group of women receiving the usual care alone, who developed full-blown diabetes at a rate of 13.3 percent,

during the first year after giving birth. From these results, the researchers concluded their lifestyle intervention had cut down the risk of the women developing Type 2 diabetes during the first 12 months after delivery.

Pregnant women who develop Gestational diabetes have a 7 percent risk of developing Type 2 diabetes within the following 5 to 10 years. After being diagnosed with diabetes during their pregnancy, the mother’s blood sugar levels usually return to a normal range about 6 to 12 weeks after delivery. They should be tested for fasting blood sugar at that time and every 3 years afterward.

Breastfeeding helps to lower weight and insulin resistance, the cause of Type 2 diabetes, so breastfeeding might be helpful in preventing the development of Type 2 diabetes in the ensuing years. More research is needed. Certainly breastfeeding is a healthy practice for mother and baby.

Vegan, vegetarian, and portion-controlled diet plans are all known to lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Healthful foods…

  • control weight,
  • help raise insulin sensitivity,
  • provide nutrients, and
  • reduce cholesterol and blood fats.

Regular exercise is also suitable for maintaining a healthy weight, lowering insulin resistance, and lowering cholesterol and blood fats. Mothers who have suffered Gestational diabetes need to plan their lifestyles with the assistance of their doctor or midwife.